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Otc Products PCD Company in India | Henin Lukinz

Pharma Franchise For OTC Products - OTC means Over the counter. The medicines that fall under the category need no prescription. One can directly buy this medicine from pharmacies or medicine distributors. Henin Lukinz is offering Pharma Franchise For OTC Products. 

Henin Lukinz is giving franchises for products as well as pharma companies in different cities. Our firm is a well settled pharmaceutical company that can totally be trusted for the pharma products we offer. In order to invest in an OTC product franchise company give our team a call at 9501106774 or drop us an email at

Best OTC Product franchise by Henin Lukinz

For the best pharma products, there is no better company than Henin Lukinz. Henin Lukinz has one of the best pharma products We at Henin Lukinz are the best company with a wide range of pharma opportunities in the market. Our firm delivers the best range of products in the market. All the products that are available in our company are of the best quality. Moreover, we also have quality assurance and deliver value to the customers. In terms of opportunities, Henin Lukinz is a well established organization in India with which n number of consumers are connecting and also buying products. There are a lot of consumers that are willing to buy our products and that’s why there is a huge demand for our products in the pharmaceutical market. The following are some of the major benefits of dealing with Henin Lukinz

  • First, Henin Lukinz provides 24×7 customer support for all dealers as well as customers connected with us. 
  • Second, we also have high-quality products with maintaining the proper hygiene of all drugs and medicines.
  • Third, all the drugs that are available at Henin Lukinz are very easy to afford and are assured quality assurance. 
  • In addition, the infrastructure of the company is well developed and has different departments for different productions. 
  • Henin Lukinz is delivering all medicines and drugs at the right time.
  • Most importantly we believe in following all the business ethics and practices.
  • Last but not least, the use of high technology equipment and machinery is done for effective drugs.

What are the benefits you can enjoy at Henin Lukinz for a franchise business?

Well, the demand for pharma franchises is increasing. For the growing demand, you can surely get in touch with Henin Lukinz. At Henin Lukinz you can enjoy the best benefits of a pharma franchise. Some of the top benefits of investing in the company are:

  • At Henin Lukinz you can enjoy the monopoly right in the market while trading with us. The ability to provide independence in the market to the owner of the franchise company is our main motive. The main benefit of enjoying the monopoly rights is having a good range of customers in a specific area.
  • Our firm provides different and reasonable profit benefits to the franchiser. For the franchise which has the maximum sales and meets the target, we deliver them can earn incentives as well as more exposure.
  • Last but not least the main benefit of our franchise is that you can enjoy a wide range of drugs and medicines. You can earn good benefits and profits from this investment. 

Quality products promised by Henin Lukinz

The dedicated team at Henin Lukinz never compromises with the quality of the products. The experts at Henin Lukinz use the best pharmaceutical equipment during the whole process that begins from the choice of raw materials to dispatching. Most importantly, being one of the best pharmaceutical firms we have been the top exporters of pharmaceutical products. We are also following the instructions and standards that are set by ISO, WHO, and GMP. 

Know more about Henin Lukinz

Henin Lukinz is a well-established brand name in the pharmaceutical company offering a good franchise opportunity for many people to invest their money in the right place and in the right industry. We give opportunities to our hardworking franchisees that are interested in investing in the pharmaceutical industry. Also, the demand for pharmaceuticals is rising and is providing a great opportunity for many to be a part of a profitable business venture. We are currently offering PCD Pharma Franchise opportunities in all states of India including Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Sikkim, Chandigarh, and many more.

If we see the growing demand we can surely see that in India, the scope for a franchise is high and is expected to increase with the growing awareness. If you are interested in our franchise service get in touch with us today. 

Contact Details

Name – Henin Lukinz Pvt. Ltd.

Address – Plot No 11-12, Dainik Bhaskar Building Sector 25-d, Chandigarh – 160014, India

Phone no. - 9501106774, 9878977174

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