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Nutraceutical Products List in India

Nutraceutical Products List in India - Food and Nutrients play an essential role in the human body. They can help in maintaining health and reducing the risk of several kinds of diseases in the human body. Nutraceutical is used for medical purpose and well-being, modulating susceptibility, improving health, and many more. The terms "nutrients" and "pharmaceutical," two words that describe nutritious dietary components and medicines for health, are combined to form the word "nutraceutical." Nutraceutical is a nutritional supplement that has been developed with the intention of treating or preventing disease. Here, we provide you with complete information on the Nutraceutical Products List in India and many other things.

Henin Likinz is a leading and reputable Nutraceutical Products manufacturing company in India. We offer a broad range of nutraceutical products to our customers at affordable prices. Henin Lukinz is a Chandigarh-based pharma company that offers high-quality Nutraceutical Products all over India. Also, we have our own manufacturing unit in Baddi. We produce pharmaceuticals that are 100% pure, secure, and productive and are produced using cutting-edge technology. If you are looking for Nutraceutical Products and Nutraceutical Products List in India, then you need to connect with Henin Lukinz by contacting us at +91-9501106774 and dropping an email at 

Requirement Of Nutraceutical Products in India

Nutraceutical products are used to promote general health, aid in digestion, and prevent various medical situations. The market for nutraceutical products would be worth around USD 11 billion in 2023. Henin Lukinz is a reputable pharmaceutical company in India. The increasing population of India is demanding Nutraceutical products. Due to Covid 19, peoples are more aware of their health and well-being and they are also aware of its benefits. If you want to start your own business in the pharma sector then you can shake hands with Henin Lukinz for great opportunities. 

The Perks Of Nutraceutical Products

  • Relieve Anxiety - Some vitamins such as vitamin D have a very major role in determining our mood. There is little doubt that a higher risk of anxiety and depression is associated with vitamin B. An important vitamin is Vitamin B2 is mostly found in meat. Therefore, vegetarians can take supplements for it.
  • Increase life expectancy - Nutraceutical supplements can increase our life expectancy. It can help in quick treatment and fight against diseases before they become a major issue and affect the person.
  • Treat Inflammation - Nutraceuticals can help in the prevention and treatment of inflammation because of the presence of phytochemicals. They can reduce oxidative stress in chronic inflammatory diseases including asthma, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and osteoarthritis.
  • Improve Eye Health - A person with a disorder of eye can benefit from Nutraceuticals including Vitamin C, Zeaxanthin, lutein, and Vitamin E to reduce eye diseases. Important fatty acids such as omega-3s are essential for retinal function and visual growth.
  • Boost energy - There are several types of nutraceuticals, which can help us to boost our energy like all the vitamins and mainly  Vitamin B. Also, Vitamin D helps in keeping us active. 

Benefits To Connect With Henin Lukinz

There are several benefits to connecting with Henin Lukinz such as:

Henin Lukinz is a well-known company of Nutraceutical products in India. We provide good-quality pharma products in the Indian market at affordable rates. We are a trusted and reliable pharma company dedicated to providing high and good quality products at affordable costs. Our all pharma products are certified by WHO and GMP. We have many years of experience in this field and our team is very skilled and professional. Our pharma products are available in premium-quality of packaging. Our main goal is to provide top-quality pharma products in Indian Market. 

Also, we have a variety of pharma product formulations and You may find a variety of customized pharmaceutical items right here. We are a specialized pharmaceutical firm that offers a wide range of products in the fields of pediatrics, dermatology, cardiology, diabetes, nutraceuticals, and many more. Our primary product categories include Syrup & Suspensions, Tablets, Capsule & Soft Gelatin Caps, Proteins Powder & Sachet, Topical Solutions & Lotions, and Injectables. Additionally, we have a manufacturing facility on-site that can swiftly produce superior pharmaceutical items. We have an R&D center in our production facility where ongoing research and novel formulas are produced. 

  • Henin Lukinz is an ISO-certified pharma company
  • We also provide exclusive monopoly rights
  • Timely delivery of the order
  • A skilled team of Professionals
  • 24X7 customer services
  • Wide Range of Quality Products
  • Also, provide promotional tools to our franchise partners 

Meet With Henin Lukinz

Henin Lukinz is one of the best leading Nutraceutical Products manufacturers and exporters in India. We provide high-quality nutraceutical products to our customers at affordable prices and also we have years of experience in this field and have a team of skilled and qualified workers who provide quality products in the Indian market. Henin Lukinz all pharma products are made with natural ingredients and have no side effects and also certified by ISO and approved by WHO and GMP. 

Additionally, Henin Lukinz delivers products at the given time by customers. Our main aim is to fulfill the requirements of our customers by providing them with good quality products. In our company, all pharma products are made with top-quality technology, equipment, and machinery. We provide monopoly rights to our customers and also 24x7 hour available for customer support. For those who are qualified and experienced medical professionals looking for a reliable and well-known company to partner with, our organization is the best option. If you are looking for Nutraceuticals products then we are the right choice for quality Nutraceuticals products.

Contact Details

Name: Henin Lukinz

Contact No: +91-9501106774


Address: Plot No 11-12 Dainik Bhaskar Building 25-D Chandigarh India 160014

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question 1. Who is the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Nutraceutical Products?

Answer. Henin Lukinz is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Nutraceutical Products.

Question 2. Which company is a trusted and reliable Pharma company in India?

Answer. Henin Lukinz is a  trusted and reliable Pharma company in India.